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Jessie is dual a credentialed Physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist.  She has been working with athletes of varying levels since 2006. 

She has worked with Professional, University and Recreational level athletes along with the general population. She is also completing education and training to specialize in working with First Responders/Tactical Athletes.


Jessie is certified in Functional Dry Needling (FDN) and uses a combination of manual therapy, exercise, FDN, education and athletic/kinesiotape application to help you reach your goals.  Each treatment plan is individually crafted to meet the needs of each person, specific to their goals and situation.  


In her spare time, you can find her travelling, watching/playing sports, spending time in the gym or in the mountains.  She is a member of the strength community and has competed in Strong(wo)man since moving to Calgary in 2018.  


Jessie will be working at Stride on Thursdays and will have availability in morning, afternoon and evening. 


Jessie’s direct contact information:




Phone: 519-282-7472


Booking Site:


Clinic Website:

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