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Do you like or want to deadlift but find it is a struggle or a grind?  Are your groceries heavy to carry?  Learn the fundamentals of the greatest lift there is called the deadlift from a multi time Canadian National champion (with Canadian records) and World champion powerlifter.  Learn about leverages, the physics of the conventional deadlift, and how to perform the movement correctly so you will not only prevent injury and feel good but also enjoy deadlifting.  You will move more weight than you ever thought you could and, once you do, you will become addicted like many others that have come before you.




  • How to approach the bar

  • What hinge movement means and why it is important

  • Stance width, grip, grip widths and body placement to accommodate your body structure

  • how to transfer weight in to your heels and use your body as a counterweight

  • how to engage your upper back prior to executing the movement

  • how to breathe properly prior to executing the movement

  • what retracting the shoulder blades means, why it is important, and how to do it

  • body awareness prior to executing the movement

  • what “pushing your heels” through the floor means

  • how to engage your hips/glutes as the prime mover


and much more.  Learn the smallest nuances that, when combined, will shock you at how much weight you can move when performed correctly. 


You do not need to be an athlete or experienced to take this introductory class.  This class is open to anyone and of any age that wants to and, is open to, learning proper technique.  No hype.  No tricks.  No fancy programming.  No false promises.  Just real tangible instruction that, once you learn correct movement and technique, can be used for life.


LIMITED SPOTS!  REGISTER NOW to take this two hour introductory class Saturday December 10th at 2:15 start time for only $99.00 in a very friendly and welcoming gym full of national and world powerlifting and strong(wo)man champions.  You will learn in a small group with a maximum of four people to ensure a quality learning environment.  All payments must be made in full 1 week prior to the day of the class via E-transfer to ensure your spot otherwise your spot will be filled.  Class fees are NON REFUNDABLE once your spot is secured.  Private powerlifting training is also available. 


Contact us for more information or to register 

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