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Group Training Sessions 

At Stride we offer a variety of group or individualized training sessions, members can pick the style of training that suits their needs best. Stride sessions range from our Learn the Basics session for members that are looking for an introduction to training, to our most advanced sessions that will challenge the strongest athletes.   

Our workouts are designed to help members of all ages and ability levels achieve their goals, no matter your fitness level. 


Group Training Categories 


Learn the Basics, is a training session where you will be introduced to the basics of training. These workouts will help you build a solid foundation physically and also training knowledge. In these sessions you will learn proper form of many free weight exercises and also how to use strength machines. *Low intensity  


Strength & Conditioning, is a 30-45 minute session, that leverages athletic training-based exercises, designed to improve strength and build lean muscles by combining an optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. Durning these sessions you’ll use barbells, dumbbells, sleds and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups. This session offers a wide variety of options to accommodate all fitness levels. *Medium & High intensity  


Peak Power, is a 30–45 minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plyometric-based session, designed to make you perform like an athlete. You’ll be challenged to perform your best during the work phases and recover quickly to mimic the demands of many sports. This session combines explosive jumping exercises with agility training to increase explosiveness and to build a lean, powerful athletic body. *High intensity  



Please contact for more information    


Personal Training


Individuals can receive extra attention and guidance training with their own personal trainer. Individuals will have a customized goal oriented training program created for them based on their individual training needs.


You tell us your goals and BAM we take care of your program!


$60 per 1 hour session 

$275 for 5 sessions

$500 for 10 sessions 


Strength Training 

With our Strength and Muscle Personalized Programs, we will design your program to meet your needs for:

--Powerlifting -- Powerbuilding -- Bodybuilding -- And anything in between!

With this program you can expect:

– Technique coaching and improvements on the squat, bench, deadlift, and all related barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell movements
– Size and strength increases across the board
– Personalized programming to address your weak areas and bring up your lifts and weak body parts


Weight Loss

Looking for a program to drop weight the fastest, safest way? Tired of spinning your tires on the treadmill? Give your fat loss a major kick in the you-know-where with our Weight Loss Personalized Programs! Our expert training team can help you meet your goals through our programs, including, but not limited to:

–- Advanced Weight Loss -- Body Recomposition -- Tone and Shape -- Wedding or vacation prep

With this program you can expect:

– Aggressive fat loss training
– Improved aerobic capacity
– Metabolic conditioning and stimulation

- Improved body composition


Health & Wellness 

We work with clients of all types!!  We work with anyone looking to improve up on their health and fitness.  Looking to get into weight training but don’t know where to start?? Want to shed a few pounds and get into shape? Skip the wandering around in the abyss of the unsupervised weight room and let our expert training team show you the ropes with one of our Personalized Programs for the general fitness go-er.

Don’t be intimidated, our gym is an incredibly friendly and supportive community.  All of our Personalized Programs are designed for YOUR current fitness level and goals, and coached by our expert training team.  

Our training team has an extensive background in the fitness world, and we will make sure you learn techniques safely and effectively, building up your fitness, strength, knowledge, and confidence as the program progresses.

With this Program you can expect:

– Introduction to and execution of all basic weight lifting movements
– Safe and effective technique improvements
– Improvement in cardiovascular health, strength, and overall fitness levels
– Knowledge and confidence in fitness



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