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NCAA Recruitment Information

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What is the NCAA?

How many universities offer hockey programs?


What is Division II & Division III 


What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

What is Amateurism Certification?

When should I register for the Clearinghouse?

What are athletic Scholarships?


What universities offer athletic scholarships?

What is Financial Aid?


What is covered by financial aid?

Academic Eligibility

What is needed to determine academic eligibility?


What courses are required by Canadians to be academically eligible for the NCAA?

What is the SAT?


What subjects does the SAT cover?

How is the SAT Scored?

How do I register for the SAT
How many times can I write the SAT?
How do I study for the SAT?
What is the difference between the SAT and the SAT II Subject Tests?


What is amateurism?

Can I play games in major junior and still be eligible to compete the NCAA?
Can I tryout for team in Major Junior and still be eligible to compete in the NCAA
Does the major junior rule apply to Division II and III?

21-Year Old Rule
Does this rule apply to Division II and III?

How can I turn 21 years old, continue playing junior hockey and still retain NCAA eligibility?
Does the rule apply to Division II and III?




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