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Player Representation

Stride Athletics has been providing leading edge representation and comprehensive services for players and parents at all levels of hockey. We provide our clients with on-time, responsive, and individualized attention and service. The guidance that we provide to our clients helps reduce the uncertainty experienced at every level in the hockey world. Our clients include players who play at the Bantam, Midget, Junior “A”, Major Junior, College (both NCAA and CIS), and Professional levels. Stride Athletics works closely with parents and players to position themselves for success and to reach their full potential.










Chad Shiel 

Chad has provided guidance to many hockey players as they have developed from amateur athletes to the professional ranks, helping navigate and guide them upon a successful path. Over the years Chad has built strong contacts and relationships with scouts, coaches, schools, and teams at all levels of hockey. 

Family Advising
At Stride we provide guidance for players and there families. Players have to make important decisions early in there careers. We do not believe that one path is better than the other or that there is a right or wrong choice. We just simply give all the facts so players can make an educated decision on which path they feel gives them the best opportunity to achieve there athletic and educational goals.
Major Junior 

For a family that has elected to pursue the major junior route, parents and players need a firm with a history and solid understanding of the player contracts in the Canadian Hockey League. At Stride Athletics, we have the experience which allows us to help our clients sign contracts that are the very best for the player, focused on both hockey and educational rights.

NCAA Preparation and Player Exposure

For our clients that have decided to pursue an NCAA Scholarship we assist with the following.


- we help our clients through the process of becoming eligible to receive a NCAA Scholarship


- guidance in registering and writing the SAT and registering for the NCAA Clearinghouse


- create individualized player profiles and send them to NCAA Schools


- communicating regularly with NCAA Schools regarding players and their progress


- we have built strong relationships with many NCAA Schools which allows us to promote our clients to these programs


- we help our clients with negotiating scholarships

Chad has been very successful in helping players receive NCAA Scholarships mainly because he has built very strong contacts with many NCAA Programs. 


If your goal is to receive a NCAA Scholarship we would like to help you in achieving your goal.

Hockey Family Advisor
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