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The most convenient and comprehensive at-home test kit on the market. Includes pain-free lancets and free delivery both ways.


A tool for every step of your health journey:

  • Collect your sample in under 10 minutes

  • Our care team can walk you through the full process via phone or video

  • Kits are giftable and transferrable to friends and family

  • Easy to understand report with insights in 3-5 days

The SiPhox Health at-home test kit measures blood biomarkers of inflammation, hormonal & nutritional balance, ​metabolic fitness, cardiovascular health, liver & kidney function, thyroid. 


The base at home blood testing kit panel includes:

ApoA1, ApoB, ApoB:ApoA1, Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Ferritin, TSH, FSH, HbA1c, hs-CRP, HDL, Homocysteine, Insulin, LDL, Testosterone, Testosterone:Cortisol, TC:HDL Ratio, TG:HDL Ratio, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Vitamin D

Receive results in an easy-to-use dashboard with personalized insights

The lowest cost per biomarker testing, at-home sample collection, interactive reports and actionable insights.

Our at-home test kit contains the biomarkers you need to provide you with the best overall snapshot of your health.

The Base at home blood testing kit

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Yearly Test
C$225.00every year until canceled
2 Tests Per Year
C$225.00every 6 months until canceled
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