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Health Pro DNA Genetic Home Testing Kit 

This fully comprehensive DNA testing for health and wellness will provide you with actionable guidance based on the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and your genes to achieve lifelong gains.


Categories Tested 

  • 200+ genetic variations tested

  • Diet & Heart Health, Sensitivities, Nutrient Needs, Physical Fitness, Brain Health, Detox, Obesity Risk, Pharmacogenetics, Hormonal Health



  • 100+ meaningful insights

  • Over 200 pages

  • Includes summary and action plan for immediate impact


FeedMyGenes DNA Diet Playbook

Genes can alter our response to food and our individual dietary needs. Our genes can influence our body’s ability to absorb, transport, bind, and metabolize various nutrients to influence tendencies for nutrient deficiencies. And variations within genes can impact our tendencies for nutrient deficiencies, snacking behaviours, hormone response to food and preferences for certain flavour profiles – all of which can ultimately affect our overall health, our body weight and our likelihood to respond to various diets.

By leveraging your unique genetic profile, the FeedMyGenes DNA Diet Playbook provides a meal plan to best suit your body’s needs. This is the leading edge of personalized nutrition.


We all want to eat more healthily, but the world of nutrition is confusing – with so many diet trends and fads coming and going, it can be difficult to know which approach is best for you. All diets work for some people, but not for everyone. Optimal nutrition is not one-size-fits-all.


At home blood testing kit

The most convenient and comprehensive at-home test kit on the market. Includes pain-free lancets and free delivery both ways.


A tool for every step of your health journey:

  • Collect your sample in under 10 minutes

  • Our care team can walk you through the full process via phone or video

  • Kits are giftable and transferrable to friends and family

  • Easy to understand report with insights in 3-5 days

The SiPhox Health at-home test kit measures 17 blood biomarkers of inflammation, hormonal & nutritional balance, ​metabolic fitness, cardiovascular health, liver & kidney function, thyroid. 

Receive results in an easy-to-use dashboard with personalized insights

The lowest cost per biomarker testing, at-home sample collection,
interactive reports and actionable insights.

Our at-home test kit contains the biomarkers you need to provide you with the best overall snapshot of your health.


  • Receive a 60 minute personalized consultation

  • Reveiwing your DNA & Blood Work




Ultimate Insight Package

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