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Athlete Development  Calgary Athletic and Fitness training Center

Building Athletes Since 2002

Known for its positive and motivating atmosphere and cutting-edge training techniques, Stride caters to clients that are serious about achieving their athletic goals. Whether you’re new to training or are a professional athlete that is looking to get stronger, faster and better conditioned we can help you achieve your goals. 


At Stride we specialize in building complete athletes. With our knowledge and experience we have the ability to take an athlete’s game to the next level by improving all aspects of their athletic performance.


If you are an athlete that is looking to improve your strength, speed, power, agility, mobility, or sport – specific endurance Stride Athletics will get you there. 


Strength & Conditioning

Personal Training (1 on 1)

Athlete's can receive extra attention by working with their own Sports Conditioning Specialist

Small Group Training  

Training in small group setting creates a great atmosphere and allows athletes to push each other.

Elite Hockey Programs
Team Dryland Training

Stride Athletes 

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