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Team Dryland Training

At Stride we have the ability to design and implement an age specific dry-land program for your team.


Most of the teams that we currently work with come to our training center but we are also able to provide mobile training to teams, where we can come to you with our mobile training system which consists of Plyometric Training Boxes, Agility Ladders, Dumbbells, and Resistance Bands ext.


Stride Athletics proven program will focus on and develop the following areas: 


  • Strength & Power Development

  • Body weight resistance training

  • Energy System Development (aerobic, anaerobic)

  • Flexibility & Core Stability

  • Multi – Directional Movement (speed, agility, quickness)

  • Injury Prevention

  • Player fitness evaluations


Kids Team Dry-land Training (6-8 years old)


Kids Team Training program is designed for young athletes to learn the foundational components of athleticism in a fun, dynamic and motivating environment. The program utilizes the ABC's of athleticism - Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed, in conjunction with specific games and activities to expose participants to the world of sports.


Program Highlights


  • Focus on developing movement and base building

  • Psychomotor skills for later development

  • Speed, Power, and Endurance training through specific games and activities

  • Strengthening exercises using player's bodyweight


Youth Team Dry-land Training (9-12 years old)


Youth Team Training program is the natural progression from Kids Team Training program providing enhanced overall athletic development for participants. Focus is placed on improved athletic ability, dry-land agility, coordination and balance.


Program Highlights


  •  Enhanced overall athletic development

  • Improve athletic ability through speed, agility and quickness training

  • Strength training using bodyweight

  • Developing explosiveness by introduction to power plyometrics

  • Flexibility & Core stability training


High Performance Team Dry-land Training (13 & up)


Stride Athletics comprehensive sport-specific Strength & Conditioning Program is one of the most complete and proven Team Training Programs available. Our scientifically proven programs are designed to prepare players and take their game to the next level. This program gives teams the opportunity to enhance overall chemistry, while improving individual player development at the same time.


Program Highlights


  • Player fitness evaluations

  • Strength & Power Development

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Training

  • Flexibility & Core Stability

  • Explosiveness (power plyometrics)

  • Multi - Directional Movement (speed, agility, quickness) 







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